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I'm crowdsourcing to see if you all might have some answers to some things I'm trying to find.  Nothing crazy...just looking for recommendations versus web searching & testing.

1. Olivia is in charge of supplying the "tasting exercise" for her school on Monday.  It's legumes month and she wants to bring in chickpeas.  Does anyone have a good, kid-friendly recipe for a roasted/crunchy chickpea?

2. Jack needs to work on his vocab skills and I would love any help...flashcards, workbooks, but especially a web site or app (the more fun, the more likely he is to work on it).  It needs to have a range of words in the upper elementary levels.  I did do some basic searching on this one and I seemed to find beginning reader words or SAT words...I need the middle ground!

3. EJ is in need of a place/charity (local preferred, benefiting kids is ideal) in need of donations of soap.  Weird, I know...just go with it!

4. I am looking for more recommendations of books about amazing/cool women.  I've been working my way through the last batch of recommendations and have really enjoyed them!  I still have one more to read (and a book on Catherine the Great that I'm waiting on the reserve list for) but then my list is empty again.  Any other book titles you can send my way?

5. Matt is wondering if anyone has any volunteer opportunities (again, local preferred) where kids can participate with their families.  We've had a hard time finding these, so find that we focus more on donations or supply drives to fill the void.

And because you've hung in there through our requests, a little smile for your day (this has been stuck in my head since last week's SNL)...
Bridget said...

For #1... maybe these:

or these?

Good choice--love roasted chickpeas!

Kathleen said...

I've had good luck starting with this very basic chickpea roasting recipe over at Cooking With My Kid. You can play with spices to add, and the "If they aren’t crispy, keep cooking." part of the directions is key. Lots of (careful) tasting is required to get them to the right crunchiness, and they do crunch up a bit more as they cool, too.

Karri said...
Honey cinnamon. Mnnnn.

Do you know the Oquists? They do lots of family volunteering. If you don't, I can ask them for you.

Christine J said...

I think places like Milwaukee Rescue Mission and City on a Hill take soap donations.

farfromharmfarm said...

someone has just come out with a bio of the woman that started the girl scouts (originally girl guides). i think it will be a fascinating read.

and thanks for that clip....heather and i loved watching it together. gotta love bill.

Jackie said...

i did a roasted chickpeas on my blog a while ago...but those others that people mentioned might be better. yummy!!

can't help you with books, sorry!! but i can tell you that I'm about to read one (about healthy food choices) but still, you should be proud I'm going to read a book!!!

I've been trying to keep my eye out for volunteer things too. Our church has some good community ones every now and then so I'll keep checking and keep you posted!

nora said...

We do chick peas like this: 1 can chickpeas mixed with 1 T. olive oil, 1 tsp. salt, 1/8 t. cayenne (omitable?), 2 T brown sugar, 12 minutes at 425.

Would Feed My Starving Children work? We have several offices in Msp for a group/famly service project. Also sometimes the Boyscouts will have ideas about families helping local Eagle Scouts finish their projects.

Soap? no idea.

If you follow Kimberly Smith on Pinterst (she follows me and vice versa) she has tons of apps and interesting vocab games on her Ed. tab.

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