Snowball Effect

Yesterday morning, we had our own If You Give A Mouse A Cookie scenario.  It started with Jack and I having a miscommunication/ridiculous conversation in which neither of us truly was getting what the other was saying.  When Matt arrived on the scene, I said we had just had a Who's on First conversation, which got the kids wondering what we were talking about.  So, Matt looked up the video and all three kids laughed their hearts out (Liv might have laughed more because everyone else was laughing) making them late for breakfast.  Then they proceeded to act out the jokes making a late breakfast even later, and in the end, we were late to school!

But they do have a new favorite and are asking for more too.  Who knew we'd start the week with a lesson in Abbott & Costello?  Enjoy!
cyndi said...

This gets me every time!

Jackie said...

that one has always been a fave in our family too!!

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