May I Have a Volunteer Please...

{"I look fabulous because I am wearing fabulous things!" - Liv}

Olivia. This kid has moxie.  She has her own opinions about the world around her, and she approaches everything with enthusiasm and great spirit.  She does what she wants when she wants (often to her parents dismay) and she is truly up for anything.

Drum circle? Yep!

Volunteering for an African dance demonstration (when both your siblings say 'no way')...of course!

Sports class? I can't begin to tell you how badly this girl wanted to join her own "team."

The high-flying swings? Well, this one goes without saying...I think she talked EJ into doing this one (girl never met a swing she didn't like).

But, of course, with all this determination comes frustration when something (parents and their darn rules usually) gets in her way.  She is a 3-year-old red-head after all.

And when the day is done (well, whenever Livie decides it is done), she crashes hard!

I love watching this little girl and can't wait to see how she decides to rule the world.
She Warms My Heart said...

awww, what a way to brighten my day. Even the pic with the snot running down her noaLove that girl!

Milwaukee Cupcake Queen said...

Love this. xoxo

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