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This weekend we had a work party (matt's, not mine) that needed a snack or appetizer and I immediately thought of these veggie cups.  They are all over Pinterest, so I don't have a link, but you get the idea...dip on the bottom, veggies on top, all in a little cup making them easy party food.  I used peppers, sugar snap peas, and carrots for the veggies and played around with a tarragon dip recipe until I think I got it pretty close to a restaurant version that I love!  I used dried tarragon (because that is what I had), but you should use fresh if you can.

Tarragon Dip
8oz cream cheese, softened
7-8T sour cream
5t dry tarragon
2t garlic (4ish cloves)

Mix together in blender until smooth (and desired consistency).  Makes enough for 10 dip cups (about 2-3T per cup)

{photo courtesy of Claire Bidwell Smith as I forgot to snap a pic of mine}

I also made these Spinach Crescent Rolls this weekend.  They were going to be an appetizer at a party, but plans changed and so they became our dinner instead.  I somehow got things screwed up in mind and in doubling the recipe, I did not double all of the recipe.  So...they were not done right, but they were still really yummy!  I will definitely make these again for our family or for a party.  Yum!
mom said...

Those crescents sure look yummy...maybe Christmas would be a good time to share them.

Every Day is a Word Party for You said...

I'm not against trying to make the crescent rolls even better, but I thought it was good as is. Must not have been too major.

cyndi said...

Both look great! Had to laugh that you had a little challenge doubling an entire recipe this weekend since I messed up halving a recipe :-) Great minds, I tell ya!

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