A Few Thoughts on a Friday

--This is my favorite kind of tree.  I love when it blooms (even though it's only a few days each year) and we have had one in our front yard at both of our houses (I'd call that pretty lucky).

--I've started playing with the A Beautiful Mess app a little.  But just a little...I like a word or a doodle here or there, but I like the photos more.

--Liv had an extra day off school this week and I realized I don't really have a plan of what to do with her during the weeks that her school ends & the big kids get out of school.  Ooops!  Come on warm weather so we can be outside.  Otherwise, I might make her do even more yoga...or lots of dance parties.

--Speaking of exercise, I have realized recently that I really only exercise to support my love of ice cream and wine (well, and food in general)...and I'm fine with that.  I'd rather enjoy myself.  The following "quote" was a fake answer in a game on Watch What Happens Live and is also now my life mantra.
"I'm a size 10.  I could be a size 8, but I'm f**in hungry."

--I've been trying to be braver and more interested in animals, because my kids are so into them.  It's a tough process for me, but the other day I took the above pics of a crane and turtle to show them later.  I even moved the turtle to get a better photo (and then again to move him off the path entirely) and was telling everyone how he wrapped his tail around my hand and it freaked me out.  Then Matt tells me it's a snapping turtle.  This information did not help my newfound braveness.

--I can't wait for new Arrested Development.  I was late to the party the first time (of course), but I won't be this time.  In related news, enough people told me to watch Friday Night Lights that I finally started that series (and stuck with it even though I wasn't initially interested).  I'm on season 2 now and officially hooked.
Emily said...

I love all of your thoughts this Friday! Especially that you're watching Friday Night Lights. <3 Texas Forever.

Braveheart said...

When the tree blooms it always makes me think of you because i know how much you like it. brings a smile to my face.
I can't believe you picked up a snapping turtle! i never would have guessed.

k said...

Best Watch What Happens Live quote EVER.

Kind of want that on a wall-hanging, actually.

Unknown said...

Yay for FNL!! How can you not get hooked? I'm rewatching the whole series, again. I won't even mention how many times I've watched it. haha. Oh animals.. my kids love them too and I've tried sooo hard to love them. I just don't have it in me. But, I do love Buck. Who doesn't though? haha

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