A Gift for Elizabeth the Sequel

I have a new niece (unofficial, but BFF babies count, right?) and given that she is an Elizabeth/EJ, it is difficult to refer to her in this house without confusion.  Hence, she has been dubbed "EJ the Sequel" by EJ the first.  At any rate, I set to work on a handmade gift for her this Spring, but she wasn't due to arrive until early July, so I got behind when summer vacation arrived.  Well, she arrived super early (5 weeks early) and my gift ended up being super late (actually 5 weeks past her due date, so I have no excuse)!  Hopefully they still love me.

I started with the tiny little mary jane shoes which I absolutely adore.  Something about tiny baby shoes...big "ohh, ahh" factor there, right?  I pinned this pattern from Whistle & Ivy ages ago and knew I was going to make them as soon as Julie told me to expect a girl.  I made Elizabeth's brother, Mikey, his own set of baby shoes, so she needed some as well.  They were super easy to make and I love their tiny size.

Next up was the blanket.  I wanted to make something pretty, but also durable.  I wanted it to be useful now (and beautiful), but also something that could grow into a kid's favorite blanket.  Basically, I over-thought it and wasted lots of my time (shocker, right?).  Take one (left) was too intricate & putsy (squares to attach as you go) and take two (right) was beautiful but super heavy.  It felt all wrong for a summer baby.

In the end, I went back to a pattern I had bookmarked on the Lion Brand Yarn years ago.  It seemed perfect as it is named Little Girls' Favorite Throw.  It has a simple repeating pattern that was perfect for me to work on with all three kids home (the perfect thing to keep my hands busy while being read to by EJ).  I love the soft texture (without big gaping holes for little fingers to get caught in) and I added a scallop edging to soften and girlie it up a bit.  It was light, but I liked cuddling up with it while I was working because it's soft and cozy too.

Last up was this little blanket bunny (pattern here).  The bunny was easy to complete.  The blanket seemed off-center, so I restarted it a few times but finally gave up and it ended up just fine.  I guess I should have just trusted the pattern.  I also worried that the eyes and nose I added with yarn might be a little more scary, than friendly, but I've been assured otherwise.

I really enjoyed working on this gift.  It was great to do some fun crochet again and I'm dying to start a new project (but my girls have me working on some non-crochet projects first).
AEK said...

Love the colors and the bunny is so cute! Great job.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Perfect gifts!

Unknown said...

That's an adorable set! Lucky baby!

She's Crafty said...

Nice work. I like the colors a lot. And its a perfect gift. Not too late - she will love them!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

These are all lovely! Perfect for a summer baby.

The Little Pomegranate said...

Hi, thanks for posting the link to my site! Glad the bunny turned out so well...but maybe I should mention it starts off off-centre in the pattern! Would it be ok if I posted your photo on my readers gallery with a link back to your post?

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